Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program Grant

The Northern Alberta Pioneers & Descendants Association has recently won The Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program in order to renovate the Old Timers Cabin. Work has started on the project and the contracted company, WC Blasting, has been doing a great job. We invite all members to stop by and check out the work in progress.  

Here are some photos of the work by WC Blasting on the Old Timers Cabin courtesy of the contracted company, WC Blasting.







Once the renovation project finishes, we will post a photo gallery with more pictures showcasing the different steps.

We are so grateful for The Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program for this grant. Renovating the Old Timers Cabin is an essential step towards preserving Edmonton’s pioneer history for future generations. For more updates, follow @ABPioneers @OldTimersCabin @WD_Canada @Canada150th.

If you have any questions about Northern Alberta Pioneers & Descendants Association’s work and membership, please get in touch with us here.


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