On Alberta’s Women Pioneers

In the wake of International Women’s Day, we would like to shed some light on some women pioneers in Alberta and related historical background. Northern Alberta Pioneers & Descendants Association is committed to sharing more content on pioneer women from Alberta in the future. If you have an ancestor woman pioneer who has contributed to Alberta’s history and heritage in any way, please share her story with us through the contact page.  

The following excerpts are from the Southern Alberta Pioneers’ Foundation website. We are looking to add to this blog post as information about Alberta pioneers becomes available.

On March 23, 1922, “pioneer women formed an organization with similar objectives [to those of The Southern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers’ Association] called the Womens’ Pioneer Association of Southern Alberta, which was restricted to women who resided in Southern Alberta prior to December 31, 1890 and their descendants” (SAPDA).

The women’s association contributed in adding vital structures to the memorial building in the Old Timers’ Association:

“The Old Timer’s completed the construction of an authentic Pioneer Shack on the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede grounds. Over a period of twenty years improvements were continually made to the Shack and the grounds surrounding it.  In 1937, the Women’s Association caused to be erected a pioneer kitchen as an addition to the Shack and in 1939, a further building adjacent to the Shack was constructed to be used as a Tea Room” (SAPDA).

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Southern Alberta Pioneers and their Descendants Association (SAPDA):

Feature images courtesy of The Calgary Daily Herald via SAPDA:


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