Annual General Meeting 2017

A Year in NAPDA’s Life

On January 15, 2017 NAPDA had their Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Old Timers Cabin. Most members and staff attended. The attendants received NAPDA’s Annual Report 2016, which reviews the major milestones and achievements in 2016. It also includes reports by each officer, such as the President’s Report, History Report, Secretary’s Report, and Executive Director’s Report. For the first time this year, the report also includes a communications report marking NAPDA’s new website, branding and social accounts.  


The AGM program included the following segments: Approval of the Agenda, Approval of the Minutes of the Last AGM, President’s Report, Financial Statement Presentation, Appointment of the Auditor, Election of the Officers, Election of Directors at Large, Acknowledgement of Deceased Members Since Last AGM, Ongoing Community Projects, Membership Dues, and Refreshments and Snacks.


Fred Stephenson, Chair of the Elections Committee, introduced the candidates for each office. Based on the election results, following are the elected members for each office:


President: Allan Farrants (returning)

Past President: Fred Stephenson (returning) 

Vice President: Louis Gagne (new)

Secretary: Marilynn Anderson (returning)

Treasurer: Dwayne Kushnerik (new) 

Directors at Large

Nels Andersen (returning)

Roy Bird (returning)

Marian Jenkins (returning) 

Tess Layton (returning)

Damian Radcliffe (new)


Membership fees are to stay at $20/year for the coming year. The refreshments at the end provided a warm atmosphere for the members to socialize and catch up on the coming year plans. Good work members and all those who have helped make this a fruitful event!

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If you have any questions about joining NAPDA and becoming a member, send us a message through this link or at Meanwhile, read more about NAPDA’s mission and news

Photos From 2016

photos from 2016



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